Japan Alps – Day 3

Alps - Trail I was on the trail at 5:40 and it started to rain right away. Now it is past 1pm and I am comfortably checked into my next mountain hut. It was raining non-stop and still is. The stage included two climbs of pretty high mountains. Because of the rain the visibility was limited to about 10 meters. Still the walk was exciting. The wind with the rain at the summits was very strong. Because of all that rain many parts of the trail became rushing rivers. So pretty soon you just stop Alps - Trail paying attention to the water but only to the rocks at the bottom of the stream.

Needless to say in this weather people get 100% wet, so a huge drying effort is under way in the hut right now. They are using big cylindric oil heaters in two designated closet rooms just filled with drying clothes on hangers.

Alps - Trail I also needed to cross several snow patches today. It was very slippery coming down and under the pouring rain. Despite the weather there were a lot of people on the trail and the hut is getting filled in pretty fast. I was explained that now there is some Japanese holiday going. That is why there are so many people in the mountains. It is very unfortunate that the weather doesn't cooperate.

Alps - Trail Last night they left some lights on in the sleeping room for the night. I guess it makes sense. You have to see the bodies you need to step over to get to or from your spot on the floor. Today I sleep on the second floor. Suprise! Today every two blankets will be shared by three people. That increases the room capacity to 60.

Alps - Mountain Hut What was for breakfast? Miso soup, rice, green tea and some micro quantities of condiments (?). Today’s dinner was different. In addition to the usual miso soup, rice and tea it included a burger patty with a teaspoon amount of mashed potatoes.

In this hut people I talk to or they talk to me don’t speak English. But on the trail today I had two good conversations with young people.