Japan Alps – Day 2

Alps - Leaving First Hut Breakfast was at 5am. Miso soup, rice and o-cha (green tea).

At 5:30 I was on the trail. The weather was good compared to yesterday. Almost no rain and sometimes the clouds would rise enough to get nice views of the mountains and valleys. It looks like the whole route I am taking goes from one peak to Alps - Trail Marker another through the connecting ridges. These ridges are sometimes pretty exposed, so this is exciting.

I am staying at the Tarobei-goya hut now. There are 25 people sleeping in my room. The whole floor is pretty much covered with the bedding, except one wall against which all the backpacks are lined up. Each person gets a mat, two blankets and a pillow Alps - Trail to Peak filled with small plastic pellets (?).

Here in Japan they have pretty strict rules in these mountain huts with regard to when, where and which type of slippers to use. You take off your boots right after the hut entrance and change to some plastic slippers which may be color-coded but I did not get that far with my studies. Alps - Look Back Use that type of slippers throughout the hut with the two exceptions. You change to special "toilet" slippers when go there. And don't forget to change back! Slippers are a no-no in the sleeping room. Slippers are left before the door in the corridor. Slippers do not become personalized. So when you leave the sleeping room you put any pair of slippers on.

Alps - Shrine at the Top The time now is 4:15pm. The dinner will be served at 5pm and the breakfast at 5am. I am charging my cell phone battery right now. This is good because I use the phone as a camera too. Unfortunately, the cell coverage has ended in Murodo. There may be some reception at the highest peaks but so far I was not able to send messages.

Alps - At the Top The dinner was about the same as yesterday, except there were more people at my table (20?). Again: miso soup, rice and tea. Actually they put something else on a plate too. Today it was a teaspoon amount of pickled veggies, a teaspoon of sea grass, a teaspoon of something else and a thin slice of apple.

Alps - Mountain Hut No wonder why I have not seen an overweight person yet. Had some small talk at the dinner and even tried the home made pickled plum (?) the company to my right was using with rice.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is 50% chance of rain.