Japan Alps – Day 1

Alps - Bus to Murodo The bus arrived at Murodo around 7am. And it started to rain hard. And the rain alone wouldn't be that bad. The wind was so strong that even well equipped people wouldn't venture out from the bus terminal, so I waited till 11:30 and eventually started my first stage. Locals explained to me later that this was a typhoon.

Alps - Trail on Ridge I have made the first stage. Now I already had the communal dinner Japanese style: Miso soup, rice, green tea. The rain is still going non-stop and the wind is blowing. More than half of the stage I climbed and hiked with some guy. We kind of watched after each other. The wind on the peaks and ridges was so bad that several times knocked us of the feet. It completely shredded the plastic raincoat I have bought in Murodo.

Before dinner some other guy from my room told me not to miss the hot bath. He also guided me through the rules how to use it. Basically you need to wash yourself outside the bath area and then dip yourself into the bath tub which holds 5-6 people. The water is very hot. People are naked with their little towels placed on their heads. Had a nice conversation with one guy who worked for several months in the US.

Locals tell me that the typhoon will pass through after midnight. Well, the light is off and it is 7pm. My floor mates are discussing something in Japanese.