Tokyo - Imperial Gardens Yesterday after coming back to Tokyo from the Mount Fuji climb I checked into a different hotel. In both hotels rooms were very clean, very small and high-tech (especially the toilet). In the first hotel personnel practically did not speak English. The second hotel seems to be popular with foreigners. They even have 3 foreign TV channels for Tokyo - Imperial Gardens - Bamboo which you have to press a special button on the remote (CNN International, Chinese, and Korean).

I was pretty hungry yesterday after having only the Ramen soup. I used that as an excuse to explore food departments in the basements of two nearby department stores. Incredibly good deli selection and the service is excellent. Tokyo - Imperial Gardens They even put a small packet of ice with each food container.

Small convenience stores of the AmPm, FamilyMart, Seven-Eleven etc chains are located on every corner and in between. That is where I was buying food before yesterday.

Despite the heat and high humidity I have not seen Japanese men in shorts yet. But young women are Tokyo - Inner Yard Tokyo - Inner Yard dressed in mini skirts. Business women all are dressed in black suits. On a weekend saw a lot of ladies in traditional Japanese dress. They looked very pretty.

Tokyo - Ginza - Aquarium Today I have visited the Imperial Gardens - an oasis in the middle of Tokyo. And then was exploring the city on foot. It is 8 pm and I just finished my dinner at some place near Shinjuku station - broiled eel on rice. I am getting better with my chopsticks.

The bus to the North Alps departs at 22:30. Now I am at this underground parking. Tokyo - Line to Krispy Kreme - Near Shijuku Station There are no buses yet but a lot of people with backpacks are here. That is encouraging. OK, I climbed on the bus. I used 3 words: “Murodo Victor Gubanov” and got my seat shown. Everything is in Kanji. Fun...