Tokyo - Day 2

Tokyo Street Today started with a pleasant early morning run. It is a 5K loop around the Imperial Palace Gardens - very popular with the locals. Then I went back to the Shinjuku Station to look for the departure place of the bus to Murodo on the August, 11- the starting point of my North Alps traverse.

Tokyo World's Busiest Pedestrian Crossing Tokyo Shrine in Yoyogi Park Yesterday I had asked the hotel front desk girl to call the bus company and get information about the departure place. Now I have a detailed map printout with handwritten
Tokyo Shibuya English translations and a note in two types of Kanji for the locals. It turns out that this bus departs from the underground parking about a mile from the Shinjuku Station. Meanwhile tomorrow evening I am taking a bus to Mount Fuji for the night-time climb with the return ticket for 10am next morning.

In the first half of the day I have visited one major shrine in the Yoyogi Park and explored two interesting neighborhoods. One of them - Shibuya - has the worlds busiest pedestrian crossing.

Tokyo Shopping In the afternoon went to the district on the artificial island. At some point took a futuristic all-automated train-monorail. It goes across the Tokyo Bay over the 1 km Rainbow Bridge where I found a lot of gigantic shopping/entertaining centers. I liked the Toyota Exhibition Center with the current, future and historic cars.

Tokyo Toyota Exposition Rainbow Bridge over Tokyo Bay It was a busy day. So here in Japan they drive on the left side of the road. In Great Britain they do too. But when it comes to sidewalks people in London Tokyo Toyota Exposition walk on both sides and bump into each other. Here people strictly stick to the left side on sidewalks, escalators, and metro underpasses. I like that. And almost no jaywalking. Less than in Germany! Another observation: people do a lot of bowing. Even when young people offer some discount coupons on the street (very popular) and I refuse to take, Tokyo Lexus they bow in response. And it looks like everybody is holding a cell phone open. But I don’t see people talk, they just text or use internet.