Tokyo - Day 1

Tokyo - Early Morning from my Room Window It is very hot and humid here. Even inside subway stations and trains. People are cooling themselves off with Japanese fans which businesses give away for free as advertisement. But the early morning run (before 6 am) was very pleasant.

In the morning I visited the Tokyo Fish Market and as books suggest Tokyo - Fish Market had my sushi breakfast there. Check. Japanese people are friendly and willing to help but so far the language barrier has been a problem. Had an intersting experience finding out how to get to the starting point of my North Alps trek and the Mount Fuji trailhead.

Buying the bus tickets was even more interesting. According to my Tokyo - Subway plan I start my North Alps multi-day hike in the town of Murodo. The book says that the best way to get there is the overnight bus from Tokyo. Well, people at the major Shinjuku bus terminal never heard of this town, but the girl at the Tokyo Tourist Office was very persistent with the Japanese version of Google. Eventually she confirmed that the town does exist Tokyo - Near Shinjuku Station and even found someone in Osaka with the bus company and with enough English so I could make a reservation over the phone. Still do not know were exactly this overnight bus departs from at 22:30 on August, 11.

Also took a short open bus tour through the downtown Tokyo. Glad that it was short (the killer sun and the ipod English commentary I was unsuccessfully trying to synchronize with our location). In the late afternoon I visited the Edo-Tokyo museum and was very impressed with the exposition.

Tokyo - Electric City

Lastly, I paid a visit to Electric City - an area full of gigantic and small stores selling electronics. I was impressed not by the gizmos but by the huge crowds of young people in and around these stores.