Day 4: Samoens - Refuge Moede Anterne

Day 4 - Cascade Today's stage started at the forest line.  The trail goes along a nice torrent and up through the gorge where you need to use ladders.  Then it climbs up by several impressive waterfalls.  The second half of the stage is above a tree line. On the way I crossed over two high cols.  I am staying in the mountain refuge.  Got my bunk assigned. 

Day 4 - To First Col Today's stage was short (7h 30m) compared to yesterday’s but it had a lot of tiresome ascent (1800 m) at high altitude.

To kill time before dinner I had a long conversation with one German lady who lives in Prague, Czech Republic and likes to hike in the mountains, especially in Switzerland.

Day 4 - At First Col I forgot to mention in yesterday’s notes that I am back in France.

The dinner was good.  Not the food (pasta), but the conversations.  People at the table new some English.

Day4 - Down from Last Col