Day 3: La Chapelle – Samoens

Day 3 - La Chapelle Is Left Deep in the Valley Although I did not plan for it, I made two stages today.  Starting at 9 in La Chapelle by noon I made the first pass.  Talked to two guys who were going to the Refuge Chesery in Switzeland, the place I was planning to stay overnight.  By 3 pm made the second col, crossed over to Switzerland and stopped at the Refuge Chesery.  There wasn't much around, just rocks.  It was too early in the day to get stuck in the cold stone building.  So I pressed on thinking to check out refuges along the next stage but I did not like any of the three of them.  Did not see anybody staying there and the hosts did not understand any English.  Besides, the book has an error describing the stage.  Total descent is listed as 194 m instead of 2,194 m.  So I ended up with almost 12 hour hike.  Last couple of hours had to jog down to the valley and the town of Samoens to make it before the sunset.

The good news is that I am right on schedule now as planned.