Day 18: Going to Monaco

Day 18 - Monaco Railway Station Day 18 - Nice - Going To Monaco I have completed the mountain part of my vacation, enjoyed it a lot.  Physically got into a pretty good shape and the knees got strengthened too and they didn’t bother me on steep Day 18 - Monaco Harbor Day 18 - Monaco long descents anymore.  It felt like I was ready to do 12 hour daily mountain hikes for several more weeks.  But everything has an end.  Day 18 - Monaco - By Oceanographic Museum Day 18 - Monaco - Change of Guards

Now I am at the Nice railway station waiting for a local train to Monaco. 

I will fly from Nice to Vienna tomorrow Day 18 - Monaco - Luxury Cars and Yahts Day 18 - Monaco - Grand Prix Driver Statue to meet with Lena and Sasha and Sergey.  They are leaving Novopolotsk today or already have left.

Notes about the second half of my Day 18 - Monaco - Espresso - Day of Luxury Day 18 - Monaco - Casino Monte Carlo 2009 vacation are here.

Day 18 - Monaco - Back to Nice