Day 17: Nice.

Day 17 - Nice - Promenade des Anglais Yes.  For one Euro I got a comfortable two hour bus ride to Nice.  This has probably something to do with the French "socialism".  They actually have free busses between the closely located popular mountain villages where they have roads of course. The first half of the ride was down a winding road along the mountain river banks with a lot of tunnels.  The second was in an Day 17 - Nice - Jogging Trail urban area which I haven't seen for more than two weeks. 

I went to TI at the Nice railway station and booked a reasonably priced hotel not far from the beaches and the Promenade des Anglais which goes along the sea shore.  Check-in was after 2pm, so I left Day 17 - Nice - Russian Cathedral my backpack at the reception and went for a stroll.  Also did a city bus tour where you have headphones and can select your language.  I listened mostly to the English (British) commentary and when we stopped by the Russian Cathedral it was nice to switch to the Russian commentary.  Day 17 - Nice

After getting my room I actually went for a jog along the famous Promenade des Anglais for over one hour.  Incredibly hot, but the scores of people are jogging, rollerblading, biking and just walking.  The beaches are packed. 

Day 17 - Nice 2 At last I was able to check my Charter email.  One of the messages is form the budget airline company I am flying from Nice to Vienna on the August, 20.  It says that they regret that the company was forced to reroute all flights to/from Vienna to Bratislava until the August, 19.  I have rooms in the hotel in Vienna booked for myself and my sister’s Lena family.  Day 17 - End of City Tour

Another exciting adventure?  Will see how that goes.  Meanwhile tomorrow I am planning to visit Monaco.