Day 16: St Etienne de Tinee

Day 16 - Up First Col Day 16 - Early Morning About 11 hours of hiking and Four cols.  The first one was in a remote area and the highest.  The second had some ruined military installations.  The third was pretty wild Day 16 - Down From First Col Day 16 - At First Col and the fourth was not too high.  At the last col I met the guy I had a good conversation with at yesterday's dinner.  We actually had breakfast this Day 16 - At Second Col Day 16 - To Second Col morning together too because nobody was up at 6 am yet.  The weather was perfect again and the views were great.

I am in town of Day 16 - From Third Col - View of St-Dalmas-le-Selvage St Etienne de Tinee and staying at the gite d'etape.  When I came in and said in French: I am Victor, the gardien asked the other gardienne to show my place and he said: This is Victor "Americain".  Yesterday I asked the gardienne to make a reservation for me and she probably gave my name as Victor "Americain".  Day 16 - From Forth Col - View of St-Etienne-de-Tinee Funny how that works.

I stopped at the local Tourist Information office.  The lady said that tomorrow at 7:15 am there will be a bus to Nice and it costs 1 EUR.  That last part of information is very suspicious.  Will see how that works tomorrow.
Day 16 - Back To Civilization - St-Etienne-de-Tinee
There were 10 people at the dinner table and nobody understood a word of English except that fellow GR5 walker.  But he is very introvert and was a reluctant translator.  So I just enjoyed watching a random group of French people at the communal meal.  One consistent rule is that nobody starts eating until the last plate is filled with food.  After Day 16 - Frnch Game Petanque that all say "bon appetit" and start to eat. 

After dinner I walked through the narrow streets of this old and very compact town.  There are some 4-5 storied buildings.  The drying laundry is hanging out of the windows.  People are playing the French game where teams throw metal balls trying Day 16 - The End of GR5 to hit or at least to get close to the little red ball.