Day 13: Ville-Vielle

Day 13 - Leaving Briancon A relatively easy col, then more climbing and descending in the Parc Naturel du Queyras and this stage ends in just over 9 hours.  Tonight I am staying in the gite d’etape in the Ville-Vielle village which is 40 minutes off route.  I have already asked the hostess to make a reservation for me at tomorrow’s refuge.  I go by the name of Victor (pronounced in French) and sometimes I hear people add "Americain".

Day 13 - To Col It is still about one hour before dinner here.  So I will describe the communal dinner I had at the gite d’etape in Nevache two days ago.  The first dish (entree in French) was not soup or salad but still hot just from the oven loaf of bread or cake with cheese and nuts in it.  Everybody got 2-3 slices.  By this time there was water and – surprise - wine on the table.  Although these dinners are Day 13 - At Col "all you can eat and drink", people drank only 2-3 small glasses of wine during the two hour dinner.  The main dish was some juicy pieces of meat cooked with some fruit (pear?).  The meat was served in a large bowl.  The other bowl was with rice.  The plates are passed around.  For desert there was the apple and blackberry tart served in a large baking dish.  The plates were passed around to get a piece or the second helping.

Day 13 - Chateau Queyras On the route I eat two times a day - breakfast and dinner.  Now it is 7 pm - 30 minutes before dinner - and I am pretty hungry.

Well, the dinner was good.  I was seated with two Italian guys.  One spoke English.  They ride bicycles.  Tomorrow they plan to get back to Turin.  This place is only Day 13 - Gite in Chateau-Ville-Vieille 20 km from Italy.

Now, what was for dinner?  Soup, salad, baked fish, rice, a slice of pie (very tasty), bread and water.