Day 10: Modane

Left the refuge at 6:17.  The first col was high (2517m) but not too difficult because the refuge itself was situated at the high altitude. It was really cold in the morning.  For the first two hours my fingers were freezing. 

Day 10 - At Col de Chaviere After the col I had standard sequence of rocks - grass - small trees - real forest during my descent to a small resort town of Pralognan.  Then I had the opposite sequence of tall coniferous forest - small trees - grass - and just rocks. It was 3 pm by the time I was on the top of second col.  This col - Col de Chaviere - is the highest col (2796m) of the whole GR5 route. 

Then long descent to the bottom of the valley and the town of Modane.  This was a long day.  I checked into hotel around 7 pm.  So it was about 12 h 30 m of hiking, the total assent 1900m and descent 3000m.  Today's stage went through the heart of the Vanois National Park.  The weather was great and the views were great too.