Paris - Hotel Normandy Officially Hotel Normandy has 4 stars.  I would give it only two.  It is an old 19th century building (or maybe even 18th) and the furniture in the rooms is very tired and there is only one computer with the internet connection in the lobby with outrageously expensive rates.  But the location is great.  It is next to Louvre.  The Jardin Des Tuileries (famous park with statues Paris - Jardin Des Tuilries and Louvre and flowers and fountains), the Seine (river), the budget (Monoprix) and not so budget (Printemps) shopping is in the walking distance.  Numerous cafes, brasseries, restaurants around.  The Opera with the direct bus stop to the CDG airport is less than 10 minutes on foot. 

The first morning I started with jogging.  Paris - Pont Alexandre II - the Most Beautiful Bridge Jardin Des Tuilries, my favourite Pont Alexandre II (the most beautiful bridge in Paris), on the other side of Seine - St Germain Boulevard, back to Tuilries and Louvre. 

Bought the Two Day Museum Pass and used it in the Louvre, Centre Pompidou, Musee Du Cinema.  All on foot. 

In the Center Pompidou they have Paris - Centre Pompidou Exibition a new "hang".  The Female Art.  The largest collection ever in the world.  Some exhibitions are very provocative.  On the whole enjoyed it a lot.  It was a long walk to the Bercy district where the Musee Du Cinema is located.  Enjoyed watching the Parisian life far from the tourist paths.  The museum is small but very original and creatively demonstrates the history of cinema.
Paris - View from Centre Pompidou
What changes did I notice from my previous visits?  There are much more city bicycle stands with the standard beige sturdy bicycles for rent using credit cards.  This time I see that not only tourists use them but also many more Parisians use them for the commute to/from work.  This year there visibly are more Chinese tourists in Paris than Japanese.  This is unusual.  On the other hand, dozens (or possibly hundreds) of new sushi places for some Paris - Jeanne d'Arc reason popped up everywhere, but especially in the Louvre/Opera district.  The TV channel lineup in the hotel has changed. There are about 10 French channels.  The DW in German.  The Russian channel PTP Planeta.  The Italian channel.  The channel from Algeria.  One channel from Spain.  They also have three English speaking channels. CNBC International.  France 24 in English.  And Paris - Eiffel Tower from Embarcadero surprise - Aljazeera - which replaced CNN International and the BBC.  It looks just like a better version of CNN International with the European anchors based off of London and Kuala Lumpur and the news reports from all over the world (done mostly by their own reporters).  Almost no commentary and no "talking heads".

Paris - Restaurant Today is Saturday, August, 29.  In the morning walked along the Champs Elysees.  Used my museum pass to get on top of the Arc de Triomphe.  Great 360 degree views of Paris.  Then walked some more.  Had lunch at the place far from the city center and full with the locals.  I had an antrecote as almost everybody else.  That was a huge steak just slightly browned on the outside but very raw Paris - Place de la Bataille de Stalingrad inside.  It came with some "rustic" potatoes and tap water in the old reusable glass bottle. I couldn't eat the whole thing - just too much of raw meat.

Eventually I walked all the way to the Science Museum which is in the suburb called La Villette.  Very large and modern building Paris - L'Opera - Just before Taking a Bus to CDG Airport with great expositions.  I especially was impressed how mathematical concepts are demonstrated and explained. 

The walk back to my hotel took about two hours.  Today I saw a different Paris.  The area around Gare de L'Est (one of the railway stations) is almost exclusively populated by Afro-Parisians.  Then starting with the Place de Flying Home - Over Greenland la Bataille de Stalingrad it was a mixed population.  Blacks, Arabs, Asians and some whites.  Many blacks were wearing African ethnic dresses which looked pretty nice to me.

Tomorrow I am flying home.