Friday, August the 3rd

Ran today 40 min. Very hot and humid. Got some downpours in the afternoon. Typing this in from Barnes and Noble.

Sunday, August the 26th

Spending a weekend at Mom's in Sioux Falls. Ran today for an hour. Felt good though it was hot and humid. Ran on a bike trail following the river. While jogging heard a duck screeching out of this world? What the heck? There was this small greyish duck running on the water for its life. The chaser was none other than some sort of a beaver. Perhaps the duck occupied his territory? I stopped. The chase went on for at least 3 minutes. It ended as abruptly as it began. I continued my run. Soon after heard another noise, this time coming from the nearby restaurant building. A flock of pigeons took off from the roof in a hurry. It's a spotted owl plunged onto the roof, probably in search of a meal (a rat?). I proceeded with my run. Finally before the end to my run I stumbled on two pretty big deers, hiding in the shade on the path. I paused. We sized each other up. They slowly moved into the bush. A lot of animal sighting in one run today! Nice.

Wedensday, August the 29th

Stopped at my father for a few days. This morning we jogged for an hour. He has an app on his phone that tells you the distance you ran, average speed, shows a map of the run, etc. Pretty useful. Ran 6.06 miles with an average of 9.46 min per mile. Approaching 8 PM. Looking forward to a nice cup of Ceylon Supreme tea and a piece of Belgian bon-bons.

Thursday, August the 30th

Ran this morning. 5.1 mi with an average of 9.30 per mile. Wind made it easier to run. Today supposed to be 94 F.